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Why ?? Why my gmail account is being hacked?? Why sudden send many spam email to all my friends in the contact lists??

Why Choose me?

Sorri for all my friends in contact list who receive my spam email.

Hope it would not occur again anymore……


Good morning…

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Why most people in my office don’t say ‘good morning’ to others?? Even I say ‘good morning’ to them, they can just like ignore you, don’t look at you? That is a traditional attitude in government?? -_-|| But say ‘good morning’ to others in the morning, just a normal mannar, why most ppl here seems don’t know that?

No matter fresh graduate, or with more than 10 year exp. working here, their attitude are the same. Why?

I guess I’m not suitable to work in a government department, here is just one of the reason.

色溫 (color temperature)

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色溫: 各種色彩的溫度,是用來測量 光源色彩的度量單位

色溫的單位: 以絕對溫度(Kelvin)表示,其數值來源為加熱一種可以完全吸收各種色光的黑體(black body)至發光時所測得的溫度。

色溫較高時,色彩偏藍、紫,稱為「冷色調」( Cold Tone )
色溫較低時,色彩偏黃、紅,稱為「暖色調」( Warm Tone )

晴朗藍天 12,000 ~ 15,000 °K
日蔭下 10,000 °K
藍天白雲 8,000 ~ 10,000 °K
陰天 6,500 ~ 7,500 °K
日光型螢光燈 6,500 °K
日光 5,500 °K
電子閃光燈 5,500 °K
閃光燈泡 4,200 ~ 5,000 °K
早晨或下午陽光 4,000 ~ 5,000 °K
白色冷調螢光燈 4,500 °K
白色暖調螢光燈 3,500 °K
攝影棚燈光 3,400 °K
石英燈 3,300 °K
攝影棚燈光 3,200 °K
鎢絲燈泡 2,700 ~ 3,200 °K
黎明、黃昏 2,000 ~ 3,000 °K
燭光 1900 °K

(Copied from: http://fo5ocs.wordpress.com/2007/03/28/%E3%80%90%E6%95%99%E5%AD%B8%E3%80%91%E6%B7%BA%E8%AB%87%E3%80%8C%E8%89%B2%E6%BA%AB%E3%80%8D-color-temperature/)

The 217th day

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Today I found a very nice package to Tokyo, Leave HK at mid-night, arrive at another Tokyo Airport at the very morning, and that airport is quite near Yokohama, price is not so high, sounds nice. But, Tokyo again?

If just for holiday, Tokyo is not a bad place. At least we have some familiar with this place, no need to do so many ‘homework’ as other new places. Of course, if we really go to Tokyo this time, I must go to find some new area that we haven’t visited before.

Tokyo?? Osaka??

If we go to Japan, should I go to take some revision on my Japanese? It seems my vocabulary is not enough to handle all emergency if we lived in Japan.

Need to check the price before any decision, better go to travel agency tomorrow.

Travel, Travel, Travel, Relax, Relax, Relax!!!! (Really can relax if we go Japan?? )


By the end of the work today, received a email from my direct supervisor. Reporting what I’ve done on my previous task. A user menu, I got no idea what is that function about, but I need to write the user guide, so, now he almost revised every point that I wrote, and asked me to look once.

Well, you tell nothing to me, I just can do as most as I can. How can I write the pre-requisite for the functions if I don’t know what need to note before using the function? I can ‘blow’ a few points there is already full of ‘imagination’.

Don’t know when will my next task come, as I got nothing to do for a few days already. Why my colleague are busy on writing program, but I can still use a few days for searching travel information, and also writing blogs?

The 216th day

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Actually we have the idea to go travel next month, but still not sure the dates & place to go. Originally planning to go Singapore, but after searching for a few days, I really felt nothing interest to go/see in Singapore, except Eating. So maybe move little bit to north for the destination, Osaka, haha.

Read lots of website about osaka, it seems all of them mainly focus on going to temples there. One of the interesting place to go is 白川鄉, on of the 世界文化遺產 in Japan. I saw many photos there before, and it really looks so nice.

Also found some information about hot spring hotel, it seems most of them are quite remoted, and price is not cheap (especially if we would like to have the hot spring within our own room). But, there scenery and place are both very nice.

Still thinking should we go Osaka for travelling, as the Yen is keep raising, and now is extremely high rate.

Japan?? Singapore?? Of course I like to go Japan more than Singapore, but how’s the budget….

The 215th day

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Find a article in a fashion/female magazine, which is written by one of my secondary classmate, talking about the 5-year relationship between her and a American. She already got  married last year. It seems quite a number of my secondary classmate (girls) married to a foreigner, just so fit to their attitudes.

The in-direct Supervisor came to find me, ask how is the progress of the task. Well, in progress, “Should be ready within these days." Finished the task at the afternoon, still felt tired on my eyes, so just found a old colleague for chating.

As we keep chating, she sudden received a phone call from my office’s admin. Wao, she got offer here!!! She will become my colleague again, not “old" colleague!!!

Until this moment, someone still not yet receive phone call from admin here, hope, he will get the offer here soon, I don’t think he is worser than my ‘old colleague’.

Hope he can receive the phone call from here soon…

The 213rd day

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The weather is so nice today, although lots of smog in the sky, but it’s happy to see the sunshine again on Sunday.

We have our breakfast at the Thai restaurant nearby my home in lamtin, a big bowl of rice noodles in soup, very delicious, but the price is greatly increased.

Today is the open day of government house. I have never been to there, and we would like to visit there under such great weather, so that we can take lots of photos with those lovely flowers under sunshine.

Wah, lots of flowers, and some of them looks like ‘plastic flowers’, since the color of the flowers is amazingly bright!! Not so many people as I imagine, thus we can easily to take photos.

I’ve been long time not taking so much outdoor photos.

On the way we went to enjoy our tea time, we just pass the 中區警署群. As we already there, why don’t we went to visit again also!!!

It’s my 3rd time to visit here, hope it’s not the last time.
I’m not interested on those exhibition, but interest on the building itself.
Such beautiful buildings, why the government need to destroy it?
Everyone enjoy the atmosphere here, I enjoy it too.

Bought the egg tart & ‘Chinese Donut’ from ‘Tai Chang’, my ‘Egg White Tart’ is really delicious, not so sweety; while the ‘donut’ is little bit cold, and not sweet as I guess.

Can’t find any drink interested in Central, so we walked to Admiralty for drinks. At the Habitu Cafe, I wanted to order the ‘Strawberry white Chocolate’, but that special is only for Feb, thus I can taste it again. Just ordered a normal hot chocolate. Really rich in cocoa, and the environment here is really good for chating with a few friends. Unfortunately today is little bit hurry for back home, so we can stay so long here.

Back home by bus, it’s amazing that i don’t fall into sleep during the bus journey.

Nothing special on TV, just boring programs. I rather do my Japanese revision than keep watching TV.

Need to work again tomorrow, how comes……